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Vaseline as a sexual lubricant: Is it safe or not?

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Vaseline, or oil jam, is an oil based treatment that individuals can use to saturate and relax dry skin. Despite the fact that Vaseline may fill in as a sexual oil, it can harm latex condoms and increment the danger of disease and unintended pregnancy. It is smarter to utilize a water or glycol based grease.

Individuals should utilize Vaseline as a sexual oil since it has a delicate and smooth surface. Vaseline doesn’t get clingy or dry out, which — in principle — additionally makes it a decent oil choice.

In any case, it isn’t prudent to utilize Vaseline as a sexual ointment. In this article, we clarify why. We likewise show a few choices to use.

Would I be able to utilize Vaseline as lube?

Individuals can in fact use Vaseline as a sexual oil. It is a nontoxic substance that is ok for outside use.

Notwithstanding, individuals should think about the accompanying elements before utilizing Vaseline for this reason:

Vaseline’s makers didn’t plan the item for sexual grease. As indicated by the item’s wellbeing and security cautioning, Vaseline is reasonable for “outer utilize as it were.” Its makers neither planned nor showcased Vaseline as a sexual oil.

Vaseline can harm condoms. Individuals wanting to utilize latex condoms ought not utilize Vaseline as an ointment. Oil based substances, for example, oil jam, can debilitate latex items. A debilitated condom is bound to break or tear during sex, which may build the danger of disease or unintended pregnancy.

Vaseline may expand the danger of contamination. In a recent report including 141 ladies from the United States, ladies who utilized oil jam as a sexual ointment had a higher danger of creating bacterial vaginosis than the individuals who utilized different items and techniques.

Why use lubricant?

Lubricant can improve sexual delight by diminishing rubbing during sex.

Grinding during sex isn’t just awkward, yet it can bring about the coating of the vagina or rear-end tearing. These tears can put individuals at higher danger of explicitly transmitted diseases.

In the areas beneath, we take a gander at some more secure options in contrast to Vaseline.


In spite of the fact that utilizing Vaseline may diminish rubbing during sex — satisfying the useful job of an ointment — it isn’t the best grease, particularly when an individual uses it close by a condom.

Individuals searching for better options in contrast to Vaseline should consider adhering to items that producers explicitly structure as ointments. These include:

Water based oil

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggest that individuals utilize a water based oil with unlubricated latex condoms to avoid condom breakage, aggravation, and contamination.

A wide range of water based greases are accessible to buy on the web.

The FDA likewise propose that individuals abstain from utilizing any oils, for example, Vaseline, that contain oil, fat, or oil since they can harm latex condoms.

The World Health Organization (WHO) suggest utilizing water based greases with a pH of about 4.5 for vaginal intercourse and a pH of 5.5 to 7 for butt-centric sex.

In a 2013 survey article, primer information propose that water based greases generally show higher similarity with condoms. Nonetheless, water based oils that contain incredibly high groupings of molecule matter can harm the rectal covering.

The creator of this survey calls for progressively thorough wellbeing and condom similarity testing for all water and silicone based ointments.

Glycol based oil

Glycol is a humectant that numerous producers add to water based ointments. Propylene glycol fills in as the principle fixing in many warming greases.

Individuals can look over a scope of glycol based oils on the web.

Be that as it may, glycol based oils dry out rapidly and can possibly cause yeast diseases.

Silicone based greases

Silicone based greases are commonly good with normal elastic and latex condoms. They additionally last longer than water based greases.

Numerous silicone based greases are accessible to buy on the web.

In any case, silicone based ointments will in general cost more than greases involving water or glycol. They likewise don’t wash away when an individual flushes them with water, which can make tidying up a test.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is a water based exacerbate that individuals can separate from the leaves of the aloe vera plant. Aloe vera gel contains cancer prevention agents and glycoproteins that advantage individuals’ wellbeing by:

  • upgrading wound recuperating
  • improving skin hydration
  • delivering mitigating and antimicrobial impacts
  • fortifying safe action
  • expanding water content inside the digestive organs

Aloe vera gel is a reasonable regular ointment. Truth be told, some business ointments use aloe vera gel as the primary fixing.

In principle, the water content in 100% aloe vera items makes them moderately safe to use with latex condoms. In any case, there isn’t sufficient logical research to help this case.

Individuals with diabetes might need to abstain from devouring aloe vera, as it can lower blood glucose levels, as indicated by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

Aloe vera plants likewise contain latex, which produces solid purgative impacts if an individual devours it. Ingesting aloe latex can prompt stomach issues and looseness of the bowels.

Not to use as lubricant

Certain family unit items can in fact work as greases. Be that as it may, a considerable lot of these items can altogether harm latex condoms.

Individuals ought to abstain from utilizing the accompanying family and characteristic items as sexual oils:

  • oils, for example, child oil, cooking oil, and plant oil
  • dairy items, for example, spread
  • restorative items, for example, face and body creams
  • consume treatment
  • hemorrhoid cream
  • oil jam


Despite the fact that individuals can utilize Vaseline as a sexual oil, it isn’t the best choice. Vaseline can harm latex condoms, trap microscopic organisms that can prompt a disease, and stain garments and bedsheets.

Rather than Vaseline, individuals might need to consider picking a superb, water based ointment. Makers explicitly structure these items to improve sexual joy without harming condoms.

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