Why do want to people fall in love, musclelift, fitnes, health

Why Do People Want To Fall In Love?

First I would like to tell you, love is the thing which can’t relate to other. It’s always relate to self. So what will I telling to you in this article is nothing but the perception of love according to today mentality of people.

May be you expect that, I will start to talk about love and you will get to know what is it. So you probably presuming wrong thinking about me. Because I am not here to support any ugly assumption of today’s love.

So what would I talked is respect to today world mentality because, I know if I gonna talk about gospel love it can’t manipulated by you.

So without taking to much time here we go,


Ya ya, I know you might get shocked, How I suddenly talk a SEX.

So, yes. People want to fall in love for sex. I am not being rude here. You may get hurt because you can’t face someone who is ready to tell truth as it is. But I don’t really care about it because there is no shame to talk about truth. If  you are affirming that you are really in love and can prove it, So please be my guest and give me one chance to prove my love towards you. I can do the same tings which your lover is doing or ready to do for you. Even I can bet you that I can do the better than your lover. So now what your excuse? You probably intent to halting stones at me. But before it I would like to take some test for you.

It's The Reality

Really, most of the people (around 95%, yes may be more than 95%) they just try to get that feel which they have been never before. SO they deliberately try to falling in love, and fortunately they succeed to feel. But they are ugly guys who think they are really in love because, trying to feel love deliberately is nothing but addiction of person. Like alcohol taste very badly but people still using to drink it. So can we called it as love towards alcohol? Certainly not, like that today’s love is nothing but addiction of other person nothing more than that.

So now let me tell you in matured way (ugly people way). A comparable sexual direction have those attributes also. That is the reason a child have a child bestfriend whom he calls his kin and a young woman have a young woman bestfriend whom she treats as her sister. In fact, there is love between them as well yet they become pitifully fascinated with another sex since all what they need for at this period of life is sex and closeness.

Not Understood Yet?

Need another side interest for my declaration? Okay, Here you go.

Young lady 1

Young lady 2

Why do want to people fall in love, musclelift, fitnes, health

(Tip-: Here is my no any intention to say not beautiful to anyone, I put examples to just to explain otherwise everyone is beautiful in their own way.)

Both the young women have validity, respect for the other person’s conclusions. An extraordinary heart and all of those attributes which you state is required in friendship. By and by answer me really, whom would you start to look all starry peered toward at between these two young women?

99.99% of the people will pick Girl 1 beyond question. That remaining 0.01 % of people will say yes for Girl 2. just to discredit my declaration anyway I understand that their inside character is passing on for Girl 1 in a manner of speaking.

By and by my request is, the reason you picked the past young woman to be your worship as opposed to the last one. I said that them two have comparative qualities, which every one of you state is required to start to look all starry peered toward at for, yet you picked Girl 1 and not 2. This is because the past young woman looks generously all the more engaging and is adequately wonderful for you to contribute quality vitality with her. Along these lines, you yourself showed that you start to look all starry peered toward at as a result of the looks and explicit body sizes an individual have, as these things will give you colossal happiness while making out with them.

I Think You Need One More Shot

Five stages a considerable number individuals experience are:

Stage 1 : Flirting

Stage 2 : Bf/Gf

Stage 3 : Sex

Stage 4 : Quarreling and Judging

Stage 5 : Break up

Furthermore, you people call this Love. Wow you deserve standing ovation. 

This is truth of life. They most likely won’t mean it purposely, yet it is so. Nobody will recognize this yet to be sure, they will undeniably do all things considered and after that they will dunk this deed in a compartment of nectar saying that it’s “Worship”. Along these lines, from at whatever point a young woman or a child says I treasure you for your dependability, trust, care, extraordinary heart, bla… Just kick back and comprehend that he/she capitulated to you either for your looks or for your money(many people surrender to this too) and that is it.

I think this enough for your understanding level.

See you soon.

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